Designer lamp shades

Micha┼é Sie┼éacz – producer and designer of design lamps in Szczecin. Manufactures inter alia: Designer lampshades, designer hanging lamps, floor and tableware.

Designer of the industrial design with a bachelor’s degree, a bold illustrator, a portrait artist, a designer. He has been producing unique lampshades, pendant, floor and table lamps. His fascination with nature and passion for technology was the idea to design a series of lamps inspired by nature called LamParts (i.e. Lamps, folding parts).

Michał Siełacz

Designer lamps of the brand SIELACZ-hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, modern lamps, Scandinavian lamps

Designer lamps from SIELACZ meet the need for aesthetics, create a warm atmosphere and perform as a unique object of everyday use. In the case of lamps presented here, the decoration is matched with harmony and does not rebut the functionality. Available lampshades represent high artistic and technical level without unnecessary decoration.

Advantages of SIELACZ Designer lamps

Lamps are unique worldwide. All available lampshades are waterproof. After dismantling, it is possible to wash them even under running water. The shades perfectly reflect the light colour of the bulb, including the zmiennokolorowej RGB bulb.

The beauty of the product is a subjective accident of all its characteristics. Nature itself can be an infinite source of inspiration. It was one of them that spawned the idea of a series of lamps called leopards, which have different faces according to the quantity and type used for their construction elements. The material used for their construction is a perfectly reflecting light-coloured waterproof film ÔÇô eco-friendly polypropylene, it gets inter alia Bottle Cap. The lampshades of the Leopards series can arouse various associations with nature, the strongest of them are shells and flowers, in their most original forms. There are natural lines and central symmetries, forming the asymmetrical form finally. Numerous slots and joints meet several functions: aesthetic, structural and circulating-the hot air escapes through the slots, so the lampshade does not get hot.

“From a child I liked to have fun. I treat myself as an exploration process and an introduction to my design. The focus of attention on something may not be a guarantee of the design of the final product, but certainly something that leads to it. What can a blank sheet of paper become? Just take a look at the children while drawing. They are very creative. In my opinion, the loss of creativity in adults is due to lack of fun, that is, creative spending time. I wonder how little you need to create something, and how much to design, manufacture and sell. But without this small intellectual contribution, everything would be an eternal reproduction of what has already been or is now.”

Michał Siełacz