Exhibitions and awards

2010 Individual exhibition “Portraits and collages” – Cultural Center in Resko

2011 Collective exhibition “Linoryta” – Museum and Gallery “Gate” in Gryfice

2011 Audiovisual show “Portraits” – Club “The Eve” in Warsaw

2012 Individual exhibition “Portraits” – Cultural Center in Resko

2012 Individual exhibition “Portraits” – General High School in Resko

2013 Individual exhibition “Caricatures” – Cultural Centre in Resko

2016 Competition for bike rack – Technical University of Bialystock – distinction

2016 Exhibitor at Azoty Arena Szczecin – Lamps Sielacz

2017 Collective exhibition “Changing concepts” – Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin

2018 Exhibitor at Azoty Arena Szczecin- Lamps Sielacz

2019 Exhibitor at The Netto Arena Szczecin – Lamps Sielacz

2019 Winning project in the competition for the Logo of the City of Resko