Rhombus lamp – 12-Rombo


Design lampshade, pendant lamp, standing lamp – 12-ROMBO

The beauty of geometric shape is a feature of a unique 12-diamond lampshade. The lamp body is a diamond dodecahedron, as the name suggests it consists of the same 12 diamonds. It is possible to mount both pendant and standing lampshades. Designer Michał Siełacz, founder of the brand SIELACZ.

Waterproof product for self-assembly (12 parts).

Standard height: 19 cm

Mini 12-ROMBO – height: 19 cm | 12-ROMBO – height: 23 cm | Maxi 12-ROMBO – height: 27 cm

Advantages of the SIELACZ brand Lampshades

Lamps are unique worldwide. All available lampshades are waterproof. After dismantling, it is possible to wash them even under running water. The shades perfectly reflect the light colour of the bulb, including the zmiennokolorowej RGB bulb.

Lampshade suitable for holder E27 or E14. We recommend the LED bulb.