LamParts series lampshades can evoke various associations with nature, the strongest being shells and flowers, in their most unusual forms. There are natural lines and central symmetries, ultimately creating an asymmetrical form.

“My fascination with nature and love of technology gave birth to the idea to design a series of lamps inspired by nature.

I assemble harmonious three-dimensional objects by hand from flat shapes.”

Michał Siełacz

Thanks to the use of innovative material, the products are mainly waterproof, stable, unbreakable and snow-white. The lamps do not change the above properties over time. The material used for their construction is a perfectly reflective waterproof film – ecological polypropylene, it is used, among other things, to make bottle caps. The plastic from which they are made is slightly transparent, so it reflects perfectly the color of the bulb used, including RGB color-changing.

Functions of the lamps

Numerous slots perform several functions: aesthetic, structural and circulation – heated air escapes through the slots. Therefore, the lampshades do not get hot. I used my innovative joints – without using glue, sewing, etc.

Most models of lampshades can be used as a pendant lamp, and some of them are universal and can be connected to both a pendant lamp or a floor lamp to decorate beautiful interiors.

Michal Siełacz – industrial design designer with a bachelor’s degree, avid draftsman, portraitist, designer. He produces unique designer pendant, floor and table lamps. He designed a series of nature-inspired lamps called LamParts (i.e., lamps assembled from parts), a total of more than 40 lamp designs in a minimalist style.

“Since I was a child, I liked to play. I treat play as a process of discovery and an introduction to my design. The focus that occurs may not be a guarantee of designing the final product, but it is certainly something that leads to it. What can a clean sheet of paper become? Just look at children while drawing. They are very creative. In my opinion, the fading creativity in adults is caused by a lack of fun, or creative time. I myself am surprised how little it takes to create something, and how much to design and produce something. However, without this small intellectual input, everything would be a perpetual duplication of what was already there or is there now.”

Michał Siełacz

How to change the lighting in your home?

1. if you want the effect of the light bulb to be visible patterns on the walls or ceiling, then:

– the lampshade / lamp should be openwork, that is, with visible holes;

– the bulb used should be transparent (we are talking, for example, about filament led bulbs – those with visible led rods).

2. however, if you want the effect of the light bulb without visible patterns on the walls or ceiling, then:

– lampshade / lamp should not be openwork, that is, without visible holes;

– the bulb used should be milky, white, opaque (such as milky led bulbs).

Michal Siełacz
Lamp designer and manufacturer

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